When purchasing your home in Pinery South, we all contractually agreed to follow the community’s covenants created to keep our neighborhood a pleasant and desirable place to live. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of compliance and enforcement of some of our required covenants and policies which leads to deterioration of the appearance of our community. The Architectural Control and Review Committee felt it would be useful to briefly review a few of them that have become an issue.

Parking –
• No overnight parking on the street is permitted 2am-6am. We simply ask that you email the HOA at if you plan to park on the street due to special circumstances for more than 72 hours at a time. The ACC understands that parking space for some families can be difficult or when having visitors or loading and unloading RV’s. The HOA want to be flexible when special circumstances arise.

• Covering or storing vehicles or equipment in view of neighbors is not permitted.

• Parking is not permitted on landscaped areas which includes grass, rock, stone or gravel at any time or for any reason.
Many of the homes in our HOA have three car garages with concrete driveways that taper from the garage down to a two-car driveway at the street. Several homeowners have poured concrete additions to make full three car driveways. According to Douglas County Building Department, 303-660-7271, this improvement is permissible, and it is acceptable with our HOA. Plans, however, must be submitted to both the ACC and Douglas County for approval for such a project. Widening driveways beyond the width of the garage or on the sides of homes will not be approved by our ACC.

Unleashed Dogs –
• Pinery 8b HOA convenats as well as Douglas County ordinances require that dogs be on a leash when not on personal property or walking in a designated off-leash area.

General Property Maintenance –
• General Maintenance includes but is not limited to painting; timely mowing, watering, weeding of lawn and rock landscapes. Removal of dead brush and trees, rubbish, trash and/or garbage. Proper storage of recreational and lawn & garden equipment and tools.
• Garbage cans cannot be stored visible from the street and/or neighboring properties.

Architectural Control Committee’s approval is required, but not limited to the following: External house paint, roofing fencing, accessory buildings and structures such as storage sheds, landscaping, etc. Before starting an exterior project, we encourage homeowners to contact the ACC to determine if ACC approval is needed to avoid any future issues. Also, contacting Douglas County Building Department to determine if any county permits and approvals may also be required.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise that can place a significant hardship on a homeowner’s ability to maintain or correct covenant requirements. If you are experiencing such a hardship please contact the Architectural Control and Review Committee at so we can work together to resolve the issue.

A complete copy of our covenants and policies are available in the Governing Docs menu here on our HOA website.

If you receive a violation notice from the HOA, don’t panic. Simply call or email us so that a resolution can be discussed.