Governing Documents Update

The Pinery 8b HOA was created in 1985 by the final developer of our community, along with governing documents including covenants. Sadly, these governing documents have never been fully updated to bring them into compliance with current statutory requirements.

The current BOD, working with our legal team at Altitude Law, have updated our Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to become compliant. Changes to the some of these original documents require them to be voted on by the HOA membership.  Very soon you will receive a copy of the newly revised Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws along with a voting proxy that you are encouraged to complete and return.

Once completed, the next step of the process will be to review and update our existing covenants during 2021. This will be a long process and will require assistance and input from our homeowners by attending meetings to discuss amendments to the covenants before they can be presented to the entire membership to be voted on.

This is an opportunity for all of our homeowners to give their opinions and input to help our community be an even better place for all of us. Please call or send us an email with your ideas.