There are 158 single family homes in our HOA. Nearly all of the HOA’s income is generated from annual HOA dues which currently amounts to $23,226 per year.

Approximately 75% of the annual budget is spent on utilities and maintenance for Alden Park and the other small land tracts the HOA is legally responsible to maintain.  This often leave us significantly under funded by most standards, especially when we must pay for un-budgeted emergencies such as storm damage, major repairs and other items.

The current Board has addressed this issue by conducting a reserve study to help us more accurately assess and plan for our future financial needs.

A recent published survey of HOA dues in the Parker area for 2020, included below, showed that the Pinery 8b HOA has one of the lowest annual dues.  Our annual dues are often less than most communities pay monthly.  The HOA Board of Directors is working hard to keep our dues low by exploring innovative ways to generate revenue for the HOA and effective professional management.