Homeowner Projects

As homeowners in Pinery South, we all have a responsibility to maintain the aesthetics that first attracted us to this neighborhood. By working together and maintaining high standards, we can increase our home values and our pride in the Pinery South community.

The Pinery South HOA’s Covenants and Governing Documents address exterior standards such as paint colors, roofing materials, fencing styles and landscaping materials. These standards help maintain the beauty and uniformity of our neighborhood, decrease animosity among neighbors, and prevent community eyesores.

Approved exterior paint colors can be seen at the Sherwin Williams store in Parker and on the HOA color archive area of their website. An approved colors reference is also available for checkout at the HOA business office located at 12900 E. Stroh Ranch Pl. Suite 125 in Parker. A deposit may be required for checkout. Homeowners are not required to use Sherwin Williams brand paints. Any brand of paint may be used if color matched to the approved Sherwin Williams colors. Please be aware that color changes due to fading are possible with lower quality paints.

Before changing the exterior of your property in any way, you must receive approval from the Architectural Review & Control Committee (ACC). Even if your project is not explicitly addressed in the Covenants and Governing Documents, the project must be approved by the ACC before work begins. The ACC must approve all homeowner projects before any work begins. You can start the approval process by clicking the button at the bottom of this page to Request Project Approval. Please note that you are required to register and log in to request project approval. The ACC normally responds to Project Approval Requests within 10 days.

The ACC addresses violations of the Pinery South’s architectural standards with homeowners based on Pinery South HOA’s Policies and Procedures.

The Board of Directors and ACC want all Pinery South residents to enjoy our neighborhood. Please contact them with any concerns regarding your project.

Architectural Review & Control

The purpose of the Architectural Review & Control Committee (ACC) is to protect the value and desirability of our neighborhood and to work in cooperation with all of our homeowners for the best interest of all of our residents.

The ACC reviews and approves homeowner Project Approval Requests based on Pinery South HOA’s Covenants.