Pinery South HOA - Important Information

March 2021 Virtual HOA Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, March 23,2021 at 6:00 pm. 

All homeowners are welcome to attend. To attend go to and enter the information below.

Meeting ID: 937 5708 5065
Passcode: 398249

Homeowner Review of HOA Policies and Guidelines 

From time to time it  becomes necessary for the Board of Directors to create policies and guidelines to clarify our covenants and other governing documents as permitted by Statute. The Board has decided that before such policies are enacted, they will be posted for a period of thirty days to allow for homeowner review and comments. These policies will be posted in the “Governing Docs” section of this website.  Please address any comments you may have to the Board of Directors at

Board Meeting and Chats

To improve communication with our homeowners, the Board of Directors will be holding regularly scheduled Board and Chat Meetings via Zoom.  Please go to the News Page for additional information.

Proposed Bylaw Changes

A copy of the proposed Bylaw revisions has been posted in the Governing Documents menu of our website for comparison with our current Bylaws enacted in 1985. The draft copy of the proposed Bylaws shows comments from our HOA attorney describing all of the required and recommended revisions to bring our Bylaws current and into compliance.  Please go to the News Page  for additional information.