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2024 May Newsletter

2024 Spring Newsletter

FINALLY! – Updated Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions

For over a year our HOA Board has been working on bringing our Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restriction up to date, which has been a long, arduous process as well as a significant financial investment. This undertaking was however definitely necessary.

Our HOA has been attempting to operate under our original Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions created in 1985 by the developers of Pinery 8b Association. These original Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions and other related governing documents were written and adopted with the developers’ primary interests in mind, and not particularly those of future homeowners.

Over the past thirty-seven years, there have been many changes and requirements made by the State pertaining to the operation of homeowner associations, such as the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA) and the Colorado Non-Profit Corporation Act.  These legislative acts were created to protect the rights of homeowners by establishing processes and regulations that homeowner associations are required to abide by.

Many of these mandatory requirements are not reflected currently. This leads to considerable confusion for our homeowners and unnecessary issues for the Board.

In the section below this article is a draft of the Pinery 8b Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions for review by our homeowners. Although lengthy, these Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions were designed and are intended to better define the duties and obligations of the Board and homeowners in our covenant-controlled community.

After the Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions Draft is a chart prepared by our HOA legal counsel identifying and explaining the changes from our 1985, Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions and the reasons for them.

Many hours of work were devoted by the review committee, comprised of a group of 8b homeowner volunteers formed to review, evaluate, and approve every section of these Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions, and by our Board and HOA legal counsel.

The purpose or intent for these amendments will help to ensure the continued existence of the Pinery 8b Homeowner’s Association and to protect our property values and the interests of the majority of our homeowners and was set forth by the original developers, and not to establish unnecessary or over-reaching policies.

These amendments and revisions are extremely important for our homeowner’s association to remain in compliance and consistent with current statutory requirements.  They will further serve to provide clarity, transparency, and consistent established processes and requirements for homeowners, as well as the Board.

We encourage all our homeowners to review these Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions. In the coming months, the Board intends to hold several meetings, which will be announced, with our homeowners to discuss these Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions.

After receiving homeowner input, a final draft will be prepared by our HOA legal counsel with the appropriate revisions. Once the final document is prepared, it will be presented to all Pinery 8b homeowners to be voted on. This will hopefully take place by mid-year 2023.

As with the case of our revised Bylaws that were passed in 2021, the Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions must receive sixty-seven percent (67%) of our 158 homeowners to vote in favor of passing them.

Please review the following draft and email any questions or concerns to the Pinery 8b Board at  We are happy to address any concerns or questions.

Updating our Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions and other governing documents to remain current is needed to ensure compliance by the Board and homeowners and harmony among our community.


Board of Directors
Pinery 8b Homeowner’s Association

Revised Declarations of Protective Covenants & Restrictions Draft


Comparison Chart – AR Declaration


Pinery 40 Development Plan


Annual Homeowners Meeting

Tuesday December 6, 2022

6:30-8:00 PM

This meeting is being held online only via Google Meets.

You can find the link to this Google Meets meeting in your email that was sent out on December 2 from

  • Dues are increasing from $162 to $181 for FY2023
  • Trash dues are increasing to $237.28, which is an 6% increase from FY2022
  • Important information about the revised covenants will be presented
  • Nominations for 1 open board position

Please join us for this important meeting!

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Each Spring and Fall the Pinery 8B HOA, in conjunction with Waste Connections, provides a large roll off dumpster for our HOA residents enrolled in the Pinery 8B HOA Trash & Recycling Program, to dispose of tree limbs and other large items. Please watch for emails providing specific dates and location.  See the Trash Program page for more information on how to enroll.

Community Yard Sale

Twice each year the Pinery 8b HOA sponsors a community yard sale for our association residents. Watch for signs and emails advertising the dates of these events.

Board Meetings

Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings are tentatively planned to be held in March, June, September and December with the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting held in December. Currently, as based on input from homeowners, quarterly and annual meetings are being held virtually via ZOOM. Specific meeting times and instructions on how to attend will be posted on this website and emailed to homeowners. Please be sure to register to receive these and other important HOA news and information emails by clicking on the “Account” tab in this website’s main menu or sending an email request to

Homeowner Review of HOA Policies and Guidelines 

From time to time it  becomes necessary for the Board of Directors to create policies and guidelines to clarify our covenants and other governing documents as permitted by Statute. The Board has decided that before such policies are enacted, they will be posted for a period of thirty days to allow for homeowner review and comments. These policies will be posted in the “Governing Docs” section of this website.  Please address any comments you may have to the Board of Directors at