Pinery South HOA - Important Information

Spring & Fall Clean Up

Each Spring and Fall the Pinery 8B HOA, in conjunction with Waste Connections, provides a large roll off dumpster for our HOA residents enrolled in the Pinery 8B HOA Trash & Recycling Program, to dispose of tree limbs and other large items. Please watch for emails providing specific dates and location.  See the Trash Program page for more information on how to enroll.

Community Yard Sale

Twice each year the Pinery 8b HOA sponsors a community yard sale for our association residents. Watch for signs and emails advertising the dates of these events.

Board Meetings

Quarterly Board of Directors Meetings are planned to be held in February, May and August with the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting held in November of each year on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m.  We will attempt to conduct these meeting both in person and virtually as much as possible to provide the opportunity for as many of our homeowners to attend as possible. Meeting times and locations are subject to change. Please register to receive emails from us to keep informed of the latest HOA news and information by sending an email request to

Homeowner Review of HOA Policies and Guidelines 

From time to time it  becomes necessary for the Board of Directors to create policies and guidelines to clarify our covenants and other governing documents as permitted by Statute. The Board has decided that before such policies are enacted, they will be posted for a period of thirty days to allow for homeowner review and comments. These policies will be posted in the “Governing Docs” section of this website.  Please address any comments you may have to the Board of Directors at

Bylaw Changes

The revisions to our Association BYLAWS have been voted on by our homeowners and adopted on May 24, 2021, replacing the original Bylaws adopted in 1985.

The next step in the governing documents revision process is the Declaration of Protective Covenants and Restrictions.

As with the Bylaws, a committee comprised of Board members and homeowners has been formed to review and provide input.  Once this process is completed, a draft copy of the revised document will be made available to all 8b HOA homeowners for review. Meetings will also be held to provide for homeowner comments.  Adoption of changes to these documents will also require a vote be held of the entire HOA membership. We encourage every homeowner to be involved in the process. Please contact the Board of Directors at with any questions.